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By Molly C. Herndon

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We’ve noticed a trend; many of our network participants are cramming in views of our recorded webinars over the holidays. Are you among the professionals who need to play catch up on your credentialing agency’s requirements?

While this may not be the way you’d prefer to spend a few days away from work, keeping your credentials current is essential and we’re here to help. Watch any of our recorded webinars from the past 3 years and pass a quiz to earn 1.5 Continuing Education Credits for AFCPE Accredited Financial Counselors (AFC) or FinCert Certified Personal Finance Counselors (CPFC). Just looking for a refresher on a particular topic? There are even more, dozens more, recorded sessions and associated resources that are still available for viewing although CE credits are no longer available.

To see our more recent webinars, click here.

To see all of our recorded sessions, click here.

The process couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Search through our recorded sessions for a topic of interest
  2. Click on the event page
  3. Click on the webinar recording link on the right side of the event page
  4. Return to the event page
  5. Click on the Purple Continuing Education Button
  6. Complete a brief evaluation of the event, then click the link for the Continuing Education Post Test
  7. Pass the test with 80% or higher and you’ll receive your certificate of completion via email
  8. Questions? Don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]