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Friday Field Notes banner image: Featuring engaging stories from practitioners about how partnerships with Cooperative Extension help build Community Capacity to support military service men and women and their families.

To kick off our tour through MFLN’s concentration areas and how each one can contribute to disaster preparedness, this week’s Friday Field Notes will focus on Nutrition and Wellness.  The Nutrition & Wellness team at OneOp mainly focuses on applying research with education and counseling to meet the needs of military families concerning preventive and medical nutrition.

Emergency Food Supply

When it comes to disasters, the food we consume can be impacted in a major way.  Every now and again, there are food emergencies (natural or manmade) that are called into question warranting public warnings or a halt in distribution and sale of certain items.  Nutrition and Wellness’s blog post, “Make Food Safe: Minimizing Your Risk of Foodborne Illness”, offers readers some practical strategies for protecting themselves and their families from foodborne illnesses whether they are preparing food, shopping in their commissary, or if they have lost power in their home due to a disaster.  As service providers, staying on top of the resources available in your community at the local, state, and nationwide level can greatly increase the ease of service delivered to the military families in your area, allowing them to maintain nutritional wellness in the wake of a disaster.

Be sure to peruse some additional resources related to disaster preparedness and nutrition that are linked below:

Additional resources from Nutrition & Wellness

For more information about serving military families by addressing preventive and medical nutrition, check out more resources from the OneOp Nutrition & Wellness team like blog posts and webinars.  Follow them on Twitter as well!