Community Capacity Building Training



Follow these steps to access the training:

  1. Go to My Training Hub 
  2. Create a Login
  3. Once you have accessed the site select “Course Catalog”
  4. Search for “Community Capacity Building”, the training modules should come up starting with “Community Capacity Building – 00 – Fundamentals – Overview”
  5. From there you can enroll in each module and launch courses. The site will prompt you to a window for the training.
About the training:

The Community Capacity Building (CCB) training provides program professionals with the strategies and tools needed to build capacity in a community. The goal of the training is to help you plan and develop programs for communities that promote capacity building. The modules provide a set of principles and practices with broad application to families, communities and situations. These practices will allow you to mobilize others in support of results that improve lives.

Once you’ve completed this training, you’ll understand the Community Capacity Building approach and the importance of connections in family support. You’ll learn how to apply this strengths-based, results-oriented approach in the work you do and how to use the assets and relationships in your community to achieve the results you want to see. In addition, you will understand how Community Capacity Building can positively affect mission and family readiness.

The training is self-paced and allows you to stop, save and resume when it is convenient for you. The training is separated into two parts – Fundamentals of CCB and Advanced CCB, for a total of nine modules between both sections.

Module Overview & Resources

Fundamentals of Community Capacity Building

Module 1 (45-60 minutes) – Community Action & Change

(There are no additional resources to download for this training.)

Module 2 (25-35 minutes) – Becoming a Community Capacity Building Organization

(There are no additional resources to download for this training.) 

Module 3 (40-60 minutes) – Results-Focused Planning


Advanced Community Capacity Building

Module 4 (40-60 minutes) – Community Assessment

Resources: Communicating Findings Through Briefings, Community Asset Worksheet, Guidance for Conducting Focus Groups, Guidance For Conducting Interviews, Guidance for Developing a SurveyRecommended Existing Resources

Module 5 (30-45 minutes) – Strengthening Formal Systems Through Collaboration

Resources: Family Support Programs and Services Assessment, Guidance for Creating a MOU, Partnerships and Collaborations Index, Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory

Module 6 (25-40 minutes) – Mobilizing Informal Networks

Resources: Community Connections Assessment

Module 7 (20-40 minutes) – Engaging Military Leaders

(There are no additional resources to download for this training.)

Module 8 (20-35 minutes) – Monitoring Results and Activities

Resources: Communicating Findings Through Briefings, Ways to Collect Information

Module 9 (25-40 minutes) – Sustaining Desired Results

Resources: Program Sustainability Index, Sustainability Plan Worksheet



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