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May 11, 2022, An Important Tool for Strengthening Couples’ Relationships in the Wake of COVID-19, Karen Shirer


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April 13, 2022,  What are your rocks, and How will you prioritize them today?, Jenny Rea



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March 9, 2022,  Moving Toward Inclusive Practice, Anita Harris Hering



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February 9, 2022, Time for a Relationship Checkup!, Karen Shirer



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January 12, 2022 Moving Your New Year’s Resolution to a SMARTer Goal, Sara Croymans


December 8, 2021 Extension Educators play an important role in helping families and communities recover from the pandemic  Karen Shirer

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November 10, 2021 Supporting Military Couples, Anita Harris Hering


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October 20, 2021 Healthy Relationships Matter for Military Families, Karen Shirer