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Returning Warriors: Using Outdoor Recreation for Restoration & Resilience

Tue December 8, 2015: 11:00 am-12:00 pm EST

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4-image montage of outdoor activities: kayaking, climbing, gardening, hiking

This is a free professional development webinar presented by OneOp Family Transitions.


The benefits of using nature contact/outdoor recreation with Service members are well documented, including contemplative, recreational, and hands-on habitat restoration activities. This webinar will help military service providers identify the value of transitioning service members’ participation in outdoor recreation; analyze research related to using outdoor recreation; become familiar with formal and informal opportunities; and prepare to refer Service members to recreational/outdoor opportunities.


Dr. Keith Tidball is a Senior Extension Associate in the Department of Natural Resources where he serves as the leader of a suite of projects dealing with veterans and military families. He also serves as the Director of the New York State Extension Disaster Education Network. In these positions, he helps people leverage natural resources to organize, learn, and act in ways that increase their capacity to withstand, and where appropriate to grow from, environmental change and uncertainty. He focuses on efforts that nurture cultural and ecological diversity, create opportunities for civic participation, and that foster learning from different types of knowledge to increase community capacity and resilience. He works to connect people with the rest of the natural world for purposes of education, community restoration and regeneration, and biodiversity conservation through programs such as urban community forestry restoration projects, urban community watershed projects, post-disaster greening projects, leveraging the “locavore movement” to engage new hunting and angling audiences, and outdoor recreation and restoration efforts among returning war veterans. A specific and important aspect of Tidball’s work is its explicit application of environmental science to post-conflict and post-disaster scenarios. In these contexts, the roles that human natural resource management decisions play in social-ecological system resilience are magnified significantly.

Stacy Bare is a climber and skier, the Director of Sierra Club Outdoors (SCO), a brand ambassador for The North Face, Keen Shoes, and a veteran of the war in Iraq. SCO gets out 250,000+ people each year. Under his direction, SCO launched the Great Outdoors Lab with the University of California-Berkeley in 2014 to put scientifically defensible data behind the power of the outdoors to support improved mental, physical, and thereby public health with an emphasis on youth and military veterans. He is also the 2015 SHIFT Festival Adventure Athlete of the Year and a 2014 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year. He and his wife live in Salt Lake City, UT.

Participants will earn a Certificate of Completion

After viewing the webinar, scroll down to the bottom of this page where you will find a link under “Evaluation.” After completing the evaluation, you will be prompted to fill out information needed for your Certificate of Completion. A certificate will then be emailed to you.


Keith Tidball


Returning Warriors: Using Outdoor Recreation for Restoration & Resilience – Evaluation

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Dr. Keith Tidball interviews Captain Ian

Service Member parents and their teenage children participating in camps together

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