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What You Need to Know About Assistive Technology But Didn’t Know Who to Ask

Thu December 12, 2013: 11:00 am-12:00 pm EST

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About the Webinar

From wheelchairs to hearing aids, memory supports to speech devices, assistive technology (AT) solutions have long been a staple for supporting the functioning of individuals with disabilities, especially wounded service members. However, there can be barriers to successful implementation of an assistive technology solution.

There are almost 40,000 different AT products on the market. In spite of all the advances in AT, the average non-use rate has remained at about 30% for over 20 years. This is costly in terms of wasted products for military families, and the wounded warrior’s functioning and satisfaction. Successful integration is the key phrase. When warriors are provided with the support that best matches their needs, priorities, doesn’t interfere too much with their daily routine, and helps them realize benefit from use, then their functioning, confidence, and sense of control tends to increase.

Research has shown that the most important way to reduce this non-use or abandonment rate is to know how to find the available AT resources, involve the service member in selecting the AT, and to use a systematic process for assessing both the warrior’s needs and preferences. The most effective support may be personal assistance, strategies, or technologies—most commonly, a combination of these. This webinar will present ways to be informed of the variety of available AT and the use of a systematic process to match the service member with the most appropriate solution for his or her enhanced functioning and well-being.


Marcia J. Scherer, Ph.D., MPH
President of the Institute for Matching Person & Technology and Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Rochester Medical Center

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