Family Development

Journal Articles for Deployment

We invite you to take a look at our list of journal articles. We have provided articles on the topic of deployment and how it effects and connects to the unique needs and situations of military children, couples, and families. Each title is linked to a webpage that has more information on how to obtain this literature. Feel free to contact us if you have others to recommend so we can add to our growing list.


Sheppard, S. C., Malatras, J. W., & Israel, A. C. (2010). The impact of deployment on U.S. military families. The American Psychologist, 65(6), 599-609.
Several recent articles have explored the effects of military deployment on U.S. service members’ mental health outcomes. Although increased attention has also begun to focus on the effects of deployment on military families, providing a conceptualization for the mechanisms of this process can help organize existing information and inform future efforts. In this article, we seek to draw greater attention to the effects of deployment on service members and to provide an overview of recent literature on the impact of deployment on service members and military families. A further goal is then to provide one conceptual perspective—a model of family stability—that may help inform our understanding of the impact of military deployment on families.