Share Your Work Experiences!

Are you a family service provider or educator who has seen first-hand how social justice issues impact the access and delivery of family services? Throughout the month of June 2022, we will be taking a close look at how social justice intersects with the delivery of family programs and services. We invite you to anonymously share your stories as a part of the Military Families Readiness Academy course series Family Well-Being: Navigating the Social Justice Landscape. We’re inviting you to share your experiences and perspectives about social justice issues in your work as a military family service provider. You can share stories of successes, challenges, and anything in between related to your work experiences.

Your anonymous stories may be summarized, quoted, or referred to during our kick-off event and panel discussions. Our course authors and panel discussants may respond directly to your shared experiences, or your stories may prompt discussion from other participants. Your experience as a service provider is invaluable and will enrich the learning and discussion opportunities available throughout the month!  

To contribute an anonymous story, please email an audio file to Or, call (334) 245-3185 and record your story as a voicemail message. Please do not include any identifying information, and try to keep your story to two minutes or less. Stories are optional and are not required for participation in the live events or other activities. Any anonymous stories shared during the live events will be captured in a recording of these events. Thank you for considering this request to share your experiences!