Network Literacy Plan of Work

Here’s the Network Literacy plan of work for 2022. If you have questions or would like to collaborate, please reach out to us at

  • Goal:  Provide professional development and engagement opportunities related to topics that build skills in resilience and adaptability in complex social systems for professionals working with military families.
    • Objective: Provide learning opportunities about complex systems and the role social networks play in building resilience within those systems.
      • Deliverable: Publish 4 blog posts about networks, resilience and/or complex systems
      • Deliverable: Produce at least one webinar related to network building
      • Deliverable: Collaborate with other CAs to offer one or more webinars or other online learning events
    • Objective: Utilize innovative methods to provide opportunities for deeper learning and professional development.
      • Deliverable: Produce at least 8 episodes of the Practicing Connection in a Complex World podcast.
      • Deliverable: Continue development and support of the Building Networks for Resilience Learning Experience
  • Goal: Foster a community of  professionals working with military families focused on improving their capacity for collaborative work and positive relationships within the Family Readiness System.
    • Objective: Create and support spaces for practicing relationship-building and collaboration.
      • Deliverable: Grow and support the Practicing Connection Community with regular communication and opportunities for peer learning and support.