Shawn O’Neal

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Shawn O’Neal

Shawn Trennell O’Neal is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Ethnic Studies Department. He has served as a Teaching Assistant, Instructor, and Lecturer in a range of courses including Introduction to Africana Studies, Introduction To Critical Hip Hop Studies, Violence Against Women and Girls, and most recently, Anti-Racism I and Anti-Racism II.

His research experience includes archival and primary source work for North American Indigenous Peoples, Indian gaming, identity formation, Indian mascots,  and media representation.

His recent publications include the chapter, “Pan African Aesthetic: Pan-Africanism in Afro-Beat,” in the book The Routledge Handbook of Pan-Africanism.

Most recently, he co-created and served as lead facilitator in the self-paced courses, Anti-Racism I and Anti-Racism II, as part of the Racial Equity Challenge for the University of Colorado Boulder and participating Institutes of Cognitive Science.

He is also currently involved in the Lyripeutic Storytelling Project, a design-based research study investigating how learning environments, rooted in hip-hop-based education and critical literacies, can facilitate opportunities for Black and Brown youth to learn and share narratives of healing that are endogenous to the cultural communities they traverse.  The Lyripeutic Storytelling Project designs and researches a series of interrelated learning environments that support a group of students (from K-college) in writing and recording culturally situated wellness narratives based on their familial and community traditions.