2018 Personal Finance VLE Social Media Messages

Social Media Messaging for 2018 OneOp Personal Finance Virtual Learning Event

Help us share the great programming we have coming up to support financial professionals during our 3-day Virtual Learning Event. Use the hashtag #PFVLE2018 and include https://oneop.org/personal-finance/virtual-learning-event/


  • Session 1 of the #PFVLE2018, on June 5 focused on Understanding Your Client’s Relationship with Money. Learn more.


  • Session 2 of the #PFVLE2018, on June 6, is a 2-hour ethics session focused on the importance of empathy. Register here.



  • Register today for the first session of the #PFVLE2018.
  • Register now for the 2-hour ethics session of the #PFVLE2018.
  • Register now for Communication Essentials for Financial Professionals #PFVLE2018.
  • Join us for a Capstone discussion of the topics covered during the #PFVLE2018. Share your questions, comments and expertise.
  • Barbara O’Neill will present Understanding Your Client’s Relationship with Money on June 6, the first session of the #PFVLE2018. Barbara’s expertise on this subject comes from more than 30 years of working with clients, teaching financial topics, writing numerous articles, and research. Learn more about Barbara.
  • Michael Gutter will present a 2-hour ethics webinar during the #PFVLE2018. Dr. Gutter’s research on financial psychology and behavior contributes to the information he will share during the discussion on empathy’s role in ethical financial practices. Learn more.
  • John Grable and Dr. Joe Goetz will draw on information shared in their book, Communication Essentials for Financial Counselors during the 3rd session of the #PFVLE2018. Dr. Grable’s research focuses on financial risk-taking and financial behavioral. Dr. Goetz’s research is focused on financial planning and the fiduciary standard of care, investment risk tolerance, and pedagogical techniques.


  • Jerry Buchko will host a Capstone Discussion of the #PFVLE2018 sessions. Join this informal event to share questions, comments, resources and engage in further discussion. June 7, 1 p.m. ET. Learn more.