Personal Finance

Earning CEUs

OneOp Personal Finance webinars are approved for CEUs for:

  • Accredited Financial Counselors (AFCPE)
  • Certified Personal Finance Counselors (FinCert)
  • Certified Family Life Educators (NCFR)
  • A certificate of attendance can also be earned

CEUs can also be earned by viewing a recorded webinar and passing the post-test with 80% or higher.

CEUs expire 3 years after the date of the live event.

Please refer to the CEU information on each event page for specific details.

Procedures for obtaining CEUs via live webinars

  • Credentialed participants can earn CEUs by attending 90-minute online Personal Finance webinars presented online with a live speaker.
  • An evaluation link is available on the webinar page and at the end of the webinar. Click it to take the evaluation.
  • After the evaluation, a second link to a post-test quiz appears. Click it and complete the post-test quiz.
  • Successfully pass the quiz with a score of 80% or higher.
  • Participants scoring 80% or higher receive a Certificate of Completion via email.
  • Participants use this Certificate, or the code made available on the certificate, to obtain their CEUs from their credentialing agency.

Procedures for obtaining CEUs via recorded webinars

  • Credentialed participants can earn CEUs by watching a recording of our live webinars and taking a short quiz on the material covered.
  • CEU approval for archived webinars expires 3 years from the live presentation.
  • Participants must watch the desired recorded webinar.
  • Complete the quiz.
  • Participants must complete the quiz associated with the webinar and score 80% correct or higher.
  • Participants who score 80% or higher will receive a Certificate of Completion immediately.

The award of all CEUs is subject to their credentialing agency’s requirements and is contingent on that agency’s guidelines. Participants must also agree to OneOp’s Code of Ethics.