Growth Mindset – Episode 5

This is the last of 5 podcasts in a learning experience (learn more and subscribe) focusing on using elements of the Working Out Loud process, positive psychology, behavioral science and more to build social support networks to improve our resilience.

This episode highlights growth mindset…the belief that you can grow and change, and that others can grow and change as well.

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1 Thing for This Week

Taking time for reflection can help you cultivate a growth mindset.

  • Make space in your calendar for reflection.
  • You can schedule time once a week or a smaller amount of time each day, but schedule it in your calendar and honor it like you would any other appointment.
  • Use this time to think about your day or week – what did you hope to accomplish, what do you need to do tomorrow or next week to keep moving forward?
  • One way to structure your reflection is to use the WOOP framework.
    • Wish – what was your wish for the day or week
    • Outcome – what actually happened
    • Obstacle – what kept you from reaching your “wish”
    • Plan – what can you do to overcome those obstacles next time


Here are the resources we mentioned in the podcast this week.

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