Purposeful Discovery – Episode 1

This is the first of 5 podcasts in a learning experience (learn more and subscribe) focusing on using  elements of the Working Out Loud process, positive psychology, behavioral science and more to build social support networks to improve our resilience.

This episode focuses on purposeful discovery. If you live for learning new things, asking questions or following your curiosities, you will love this element of Working Out Loud. If being curious isn’t your greatest strength, then we hope you use this element as an opportunity for growth.

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1 Thing for This Week

Each week, we’ll suggest one activity to help you begin building your networks for resilience. This week we want you to start to look for purpose.

  • Think about something that is meaningful to you. The questions below might help. Choose one question and try find answers that are not related to your societal or organizational roles (dad, grandmother, employee, etc.)
    • What lights you up?
    • What do you care most about?
    • What are you an advocate for?
  • Based on you reflections, create a list of 3 -5 things you’d like to explore
  • Choose one thing you’d really like to explore and start doing a little exploring. 
  • Share your experience with us on social media using #wolresilience or by leaving an audio comment on our “Purposeful Discovery” post on Anchor.fm


Here are the resources we mentioned in the podcast

Share Your Experience

We want to hear from you, and for you to hear from others who are sharing this learning experience, so we have created several spaces for you to discuss and reflect on this experience, and to share your progress.

  • #wolresilience – use this hashtag on Twitter or Instagram to join the conversation.
  • 612-524-9965 – call or text us at this number. If you leave a voicemail about your experience, we may share it on a future podcast.
  • mflnnetworkliteracy@gmail.com – email us with your questions about and insights into this learning experience.
  • Anchor – listen to our special content on Anchor.fm and use the Anchor app to leave an audio message.


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