The Family Readiness System and You

TUESDAY September 17, 2019
11:00 – 12:30 pm Eastern

Are you a service provider or educator who works with military families? Do you work within DoD, Cooperative Extension, a school system, or a community-based agency or organization serving military family populations?

If so, you are a crucial member of the Department of Defense Family Readiness System (FRS): a network of agencies, programs, organizations, and individuals—and the collaboration among them—supporting military family readiness and quality of life.

This part informational, part Q&A session offers an overview of the FRS and its implications, as well as an in-depth panel discussion. Panelists will offer diverse FRS perspectives and experiences, with insights from a military spouse, an Extension educator, a DoD program leader, an Air Force Commander, and a DoD director.

The moderated panel discussion will be driven by YOUR questions about the FRS,  your experiences, and your previous and future contributions as a military family service provider.

This opening session provides an opportunity to situate yourself, your work, and your organization within the FRS by asking direct questions, sharing ideas, and making connections with other participants.

Learn more about the Family Readiness System:

Presented by

C. Eddy Mentzer

Associate Director, Children, Youth and Families
Office of Military Family Readiness Policy
Military Community and Family Policy
Office of Secretary of Defense

Colonel Eries Mentzer

Vice Commander and Air Force Commander
Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, District of Columbia

Dee Geisse

Assistant Deputy, Quality of Life
Assistant Secretary, Manpower & Reserve Affairs
Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington, D.C.

Christine “C.C.” Gallagher

Founder, Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC

Keith Tidball

Assistant Director, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University
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