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This Week

Social Justice and Military Families: A Panel Discussion

This panel discussion will focus on the content of the course Social Justice and Military Families, which examines the concept of belonging and inclusion through a framework of self-care, healing, and resilience within the context of the military. This panel discussion will be enhanced by the experience and expertise of Eddy Mentzer who will provide insight into the Department of Defense’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility initiatives.

Participants who have completed the third course of the series will find this panel especially beneficial.

Mark Your Calendar

July 12 – The Importance of Estate Planning for Military Families 

July 27 – Social Security & Disability 101

August 16 – Thrift Savings Plan Updates for 2022

August 24 – Special Needs Trusts & ABLE Accounts


New Blog Post!

Understanding and Confronting Racial Injustice

As youth development professionals, volunteers, parents, and guardians it is our responsibility to help young people develop a mindset of being responsible for themselves, their communities, and the world. To advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in youth programs, OneOp is offering a series of webinars on topics such as resources for racial justice, inclusive program structures, and fostering supportive youth-adult relationships.

Webinar Spotlight

Brain Health: Understanding Military-Related TBIs

Traumatic brain injury is a significant health issue that affects service members and veterans during times of both peace and war. The high rate of TBI and blast-related concussion events resulting from current combat operations directly impacts the health and safety of individual service members as well as unit readiness and troop retention. The impacts of TBI are felt within each branch of the service. This webinar examines the VA and Military Health System (MHS) TBI pathway of care, current DoD understanding of concussion and symptom clusters, and provides resources for the management of concussion.

Free Online Social Justice Courses and Discussions Available

Society is challenged every day with events and actions that sometimes seem unbelievable. Between racial conflict, gender identity issues, gun violence, LGBTQIA+ controversy, and the migrant crisis there is news every day that is disheartening and often misunderstood. The 2022 Military Family Readiness Academy series focuses on individuals’ understanding of social justice and equity, including their own understanding of privilege and oppression. Three asynchronous courses and two panel discussions will equip family service providers with the skills to identify barriers that impact a family’s health and well-being and identify opportunities for social justice advocacy in their work. The Academy series will address the intersections between engaging a social justice mindset as a family service professional and the ability to support the well-being of diverse military families.

Enroll today and accept the challenge of social justice advocacy in your work. 

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Family Well-Being: Navigating the Social Justice Landscape logoThe 2022 Academy series focuses on individuals’ understanding of social justice and equity, including their own understanding of privilege and oppression. Three asynchronous courses will offer engaging modules and interaction, with prompts for reflection on this critically important topic. Join the mailing list to stay updated on the different opportunities available within this year’s Academy series.