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2022 Academy Series Kickoff

Family Well-Being: Navigating the Social Justice Landscape

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This Week:

May 24 – Culturally Sustaining Coaching Approaches

This webinar introduces six early intervention adult learning principles that service providers can use to support caregiver learning during family visits. The connection between culturally sustaining and coaching practices that support learning for caregivers and children during family routines and activities is discussed.

May 25 – TRICARE 101 Health Plans & Special Programs 

It’s important for military families to understand who qualifies for TRICARE programs and the benefits to which they are entitled. This webinar is designed to help providers better support families as they navigate the TRICARE system.


Mark Your Calendar

June 1 – 2022 Academy Series Kickoff

June 15 – Social Justice and Social Work: A Panel Discussion

June 29 – Social Justice and Military Families: A Panel Discussion 

July 12 – The Importance of Estate Planning for Military Families 

Latest Blog Post

Social Justice, Health Disparities, and Caregiving

Disparities exist in many aspects of American health care. Among older Americans, health disparities vary by race, income, and gender. As policies are developed, special attention needs to be given to specific subpopulations and caregivers. The 2022 Academy series will have three courses that will assist providers and caregivers on this important topic of social justice and offer tips and resources for support.

Webinar Spotlight

The Relationship Changes of Military Couples During Reintegration

This webinar explores the findings of an 8-month longitudinal study of 555 military couples during the reintegration period. Based on these findings, recommendations for prevention and intervention services designed to help military couples negotiate relationship changes across the post-deployment transition will be discussed.

Military Family Readiness Academy

Kickoff the 2022 Academy Series with Us!

The 2022 Academy, Family Well-Being: Navigating the Social Justice Landscape, features high-quality content with diverse and respected course authors and experts in subjects such as social justice, racial equity, identity formation, media representation, resilience, engagement through an antiracist lens, and building communities of belonging.

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Family Well-Being: Navigating the Social Justice Landscape logoThe 2022 Academy series focuses on individuals’ understanding of social justice and equity, including their own understanding of privilege and oppression. Three asynchronous courses will offer engaging modules and interaction, with prompts for reflection on this critically important topic. Join the mailing list to stay updated on the different opportunities available within this year’s Academy series.