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Routines at home and school help children with special needs feel safe and secure. Consistently set expectations and knowing how to respond to them enables children with special needs to be:

  • Responsible members of the family and classroom.
  • Calm during unexpected changes.
  • Resilient when faced with unpredictability.
  • Thoughtful and ask for help appropriately.
  • Adjust to changes in the environment stemming from maturity and physical growth.

Routines must be managed throughout the year. However special attention needs to be paid to consistently implementing the rules during summer, festive holidays and travel. Below are resources that provide guidance on how to do this:

Military Family Learning Network

Additional Resources

Finally, remember, routines need to:

  • Be flexible – it is ok to change them when needed.
  • Not add stress to a child’s life.
  • Take into account everyone’s role.
  • Be based on consistent communication (for e.g. family meetings).