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Military Family Readiness Academy

Helping Families Grow

The Military Family Readiness Academy is an annual programming series with special learning and engagement opportunities suitable for individuals, groups, and organizations. With a new series added each year, the Academy takes a multidisciplinary approach to a complex issue faced by family service providers in their work.

Upcoming Series

Economic Readiness and Military Family Well-Being

The series will equip service providers with the skills necessary to support family well-being while navigating the terrain of economic security for military service members and families. The on-demand course will provide a foundation primer to economic security and family well-being for professionals. The webinars in the series will frame economic security through the lenses of emotional, physical, social, and financial well-being by exploring programs, discussing gaps in services, and investigating ways to better link families in need with services.

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Past Series

Military Families and Food Security: A Call to Action

The 2023 Academy series focuses on expanding food security for our military family population by mobilizing family service professionals at federal, state, and local levels to work together on this issue. This series features 2 on-demand events and 1 self-paced course. In addition, OneOp programming offers additional on-demand programming related to food security.

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Family Well-Being: Navigating the Social Justice Landscape

The 2022 Academy series, Family Well-being: Navigating the Social Justice Landscape, encourages participants to view social justice as a pathway to family well-being. This Academy series consists of three self-paced courses and two live panel discussions for service providers and extension professionals.

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Disaster and Hazard Readiness: Foundations

The inaugural MFRA series, Disaster and Hazard Readiness Foundations, focuses on the unique needs of military families in the context of disaster and hazard readiness. This series engages participants in a broad conversation of disaster and hazard management and response with an emphasis on the unique readiness needs of military families.

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Disaster and Hazard Readiness: In Action

This series of webinars focus on implementing the unique skills and resources family service providers need as they manage disasters and hazards within their professional fields.

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