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April 17th

Improving Health and Wellness by Getting Outside

Decades of research confirm that people experience myriad health and wellness benefits when they spend time interacting with nature—from increased physical activity to improved emotional wellbeing. But the amount of time we Americans spend outside has been declining over the years. Join this webinar where we highlight some of the latest health and nature research and make the case for why we need to get back into the great outdoors regularly.

military dad and his son are playing on the sofa at home

April 18th

Harmony of Expression: Exploring Social and Emotional Development in Middle Childhood Through Expressive Art Approaches

This webinar weaves together foundations of social emotional development during middle childhood (6-12 years old) and the role of expressive art in nurturing their overall development, particularly within the context of transitions, grief, and loss. Presenters will focus on the principles, foundations, and evidence-base of expressive art approaches, including techniques for fostering self-awareness, empathy, and interpersonal skills.

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Identifying Child Sexual Abuse: Ways to Protect Children and Resources for Getting Help

It can be extremely difficult to identify instances of child sexual abuse. Oftentimes, children and youth suffer in silence and are coerced to keep quiet about the abuse taking place. April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, a time to promote the safety and well-being of all children and families and to recognize the child welfare professionals and allies who work tirelessly to protect children and youth.

Blog Post Image: Pexels [Silhouette Photo of Jumping Children, photo by Margaret Weir, Sept. 22, 2017, CC0]

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Practicing Connection

Make Your Partner Look Good

We live in a world where competition is everywhere. But what if we broke the mold and instead focused on making each other look good – de-centering ourselves and centering others? In the second in a series of three Practicing Connection podcast episodes featuring practices from the field of applied improvisation, special guest Shannon Hughes of Enlivened Studios shares how the practice of “Making Your Partner Look Good” can improve team-building, brainstorming, innovation, and more.

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