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Army Family With Pregnant Mother Sitting On Floor In Lounge At Home

This Week

WIC at 50 Years: Honoring the Past, Nourishing the Future

For over 50 years, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) has supported income-eligible women, infants, and children from diverse backgrounds, including military families. Attend this webinar to learn about WIC’s rich history as a premiere public health program, including its role in improving maternal and child health outcomes, and hear about improvements in the WIC food packages and other innovations in the program.

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The Myth of the Objective

Find out how focusing on ambitious goals and constantly measuring our progress towards them actually decreases the likelihood that we will reach our objective in this Practicing Connection blog post.

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Practicing Connection

Making Small Adjustments

Many of us tend to take a linear approach to program development. We develop a program, implement it fully, then evaluate it to see if it worked. However, making small adjustments, aka iteration, is an important part on innovations. In this podcast episode, Bob Bertsch shares a practice to help us build our capacity for iteration by helping each of us get more comfortable with the process.