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By: Jason Jowers, M.S. MFT

With the recent changes our world has seen, connecting with others via technology has become much more prevalent. Whether it be for work purposes or connecting with friends and family over social media, staying home and connecting through our devices has become the new norm.

It’s even that much more apparent with kids receiving at-home education. With schools being closed, parents are providing education for their children and scheduling online play dates with their friends. With this increased dependency on technological devices, comes the increased chance of blurred boundaries and potential harm. It opens the door for abuse to happen in the digital world.

It goes without saying that parents want to keep their kids safe from online predators, abusers, and bullies. What are some ways that they can do that? How can military family readiness system professionals help military families specifically with these concerns?

With these concerns in mind, OneOp invites you to our next webinar, “Supporting Youth to Set Healthy Boundaries with Technology.”

We will be joined by Jasmine Uribe, Chief Program Officer for Break the Cycle, a non-profit organization that inspires and supports young people 12 – 24 to build healthy relationships and create a culture without abuse.

This webinar focuses on how technology is used to harm, and what caring adults can do to educate and empower youth in their lives to take action to end technology-facilitated abuse. Included info will discuss safety strategies and other resources that parents and practitioners can put to good use.

As always, Free Continuing Education Credits are available! Head on over to the event webpage to get all the CEU info. This webinar is part of our Sexual Behavior in Children & Youth (SBCY) Series. For more information, please visit the series homepage!