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By: Jason Jowers

Challenges for Military Couples

Intimate relationships take work, and it takes both people in a relationship putting in the work to stay resilient and invested in each other. It is challenging enough for civilian couples and even more challenging for military couples. Military couples face challenges related to PCS, deployments, housing, finances, and a whole slew of obstacles that come with military life. It is even more challenging for military couples who have families and must consider decisions that affect their children.

Yet, military couples are very resilient and roll with the changes. But anytime military couples need help or support, there are services out there to help them overcome and rekindle their relationship. This includes skill-building and support lines to get you connected with a professional who can set you on the path to repairing your relationship or staying strong, resilient, and happy.

Military One Source’s Relationship Hub to Rekindle, Repair, or Reset Your Relationship

Military One Source has a hub specifically for working on relationship goals. Included are opportunities to make appointments for online non-medical counseling for couples to talk via phone, chat, or online video platform with a relationship/mental health professional. This relationship support is most effective when both partners are committed to working together. However, these resources and services are not recommended for couples with a history of domestic abuse, or for partners seeking help for a relationship with patterns of control or violence. Exceptions to privacy include suspected harm to self or others.

Also included at Military One Source are lots of great resources, including blog posts to rekindle, repair, or reset your relationship. This includes tips for improving communication, recognizing unhealthy behaviors, and making your relationships stronger. Visit Military One Source’s Relationship hub to learn more.

For more relationships or military couples resources or articles, be sure to search for those topics on our OneOp main page for upcoming webinars and programming.


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Blog Post Image:Pixabay [Hands Heart Couple, February 14, 2016, CC0]