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By Laura Royer

Military spouses face many challenges when it comes to having a career of their own. Military families can expect Permanent Change of Station orders (PCS) every few years or even be stationed abroad for extended periods. With the constant relocation necessary for military service, it can be difficult for spouses to grow into a career of their own. They often settle for jobs that may be available at each new location rather than seeking employment in a career field of their choice.

However, with advancements in technology and growth of the internet and social media, military spouses now have more opportunities to grow a career, rather than skipping from job to job upon relocation. Working from home or working in a virtual job has many benefits. Not only is there more stability for the spouse’s career, as moving has little effect on the job, but there is more flexibility in virtual or work from home positions. Oftentimes those who work from home set their hours or even operate as a contractor.

Work from Home or Virtual Positions

Work-from-home positions are available in various industries and can offer great opportunities for career growth. Positions in in information technology, healthcare, marketing, customer service, or education are all possibilities and can lead to rewarding, long-term careers. With a dedicated phone line and laptop, military spouses can earn extra income by working for remote call centers or in customer service roles for large companies. With training and education, options include becoming an online transcriptionist or data entry clerk for the medical industry. 

With a bachelor’s degree or higher, online teaching opportunities become available. Not only are many English as a second language programs quickly growing, but also colleges and universities will hire remote professors for online programs. Working from home with an established company or organization offers career stability with the flexibility a military family often needs.

Finding valuable items and reselling them online for a profit is an easy, flexible option for earning a little extra money. Getting paid for online surveys, completing research questionnaires, and signing up for reward programs that pay consumers back for everyday purchases can add a little to the monthly income, as well.

In Part 2 of this series, we will share how military spouses can earn income from home through owning a business.

Photo by Buro Millennial on Pexels