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By Jason Jowers, MS, MFT

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Each year, many families create resolutions to introduce healthy habits into their lives. These habits often include goals around physical activity, nutrition, and self-care. Incorporating health and wellness practices can help reduce the stress that military families experience throughout the year. By getting the whole family involved, self-care becomes embedded into the fabric of the family’s routine and can promote long-lasting wellness. Below are three ways you can promote health and wellness in military families this upcoming year.

1. Health and Wellness Coaching

Military OneSource offers Health and Wellness Coaching to equip military families with the information and accountability needed to create healthy habits around nutrition, fitness, stress, health condition, and weight management. Military families looking for a no-cost outlet for self-care can call 800-342-9647 to get started.

2. Fitness Memberships

To assist military families in their health and wellness journey, the Department of Defense has partnered with the Armed Services YMCA to offer gym memberships and respite child care services. So far, the Military Outreach Initiative has provided more than 130,000 memberships to military families. You can find more information online or by calling (571) 265-7814.

3. Wellness Apps

For military families that would like access to on-the-go resources for health and well-being, we recommend checking out apps like Breathe2Relax, Chill Drills, and other Wellness Apps available on iOS and Android from MilOneSource. These apps will introduce techniques like belly breathing, muscle relaxation, and stress relief. 

Sustaining healthy habits is easier when you’ve got accountability from others. Military families should make a plan to connect with a wellness coach, a wellness app, or a wellness membership with the YMCA to access resources and the tools needed to be successful in your family’s wellness journey. 


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