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Connecting Communities in Asset-based Community Recovery

Building Community

Connecting Communities in Asset-based Community Recovery is a collection of resources developed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic presented some really difficult challenges, but it also revealed some opportunities for building better systems and communities.

Inspired by the Asset-based Community Recovery (ABCR) Framework developed by Jonatham Massimi and Heather Keam, the OneOp Network Literacy team created the resources below to help us recognize those opportunities and take action to create a more resilient future for ourselves and our communities.

Connecting Communities
in ABCR Guide

This guide, highlighted by the colorful graphic recordings of Sherrill Knezel, includes the stories of community recovery shared in a series of interactive workshops held as part of the “Disaster and Hazard Readiness in Action” series. It outlines eight themes that emerged from analysis of those stories and includes action steps for cultivating community resilience and recovery.

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Connecting with Communities
in ABCR Webinar

This recorded webinar will help you recognize the interdependencies and assets that can contribute to Asset-based Community Recovery, determine which elements of Asset-based Community Recovery could be applied in your work and/or community, and plan the next steps you can take to forge connections and collaborations that build resilience in your community. Continuing education credits are available for watching the recorded webinar.

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