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Among our nation’s active-duty service members and their families, 24 percent are food insecure. Food insecurity adversely impacts racial/ethnic minority populations, lower-income populations, and rural and remote populations. Additionally, a rise in economic insecurity throughout the Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to increased food insecurity in vulnerable populations. Join OneOp as we focus on expanding food security for the military family and mobilizing family service professionals to work together at federal, state, and local levels.

Have you used the 2-question screener from the USDA to screen families you work with for food insecurity? Learn more about the assessment in this brief video.

Upcoming Webinars


a family eats breakfast togetherJuly 13th: SNAP and SNAP-Ed: Supporting Food and Nutrition Security in Your Community

Join this webinar to learn how you can collaborate with your state and local SNAP-Ed programs to provide the best care possible to your clients and connect them to resources that can help.

On-Demand Webinars

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Understanding the Social and Structural Drivers of Food and Nutrition Insecurity

Learn about the social and structural determinants of food and nutrition insecurity and examine strategies and approaches for improving food access and equity in military families as well as all families.

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The Impact of Food Insecurity on Mental Health

When families experience food insecurity, hunger may be only one result. An often-overlooked factor of insufficient access to food is the detrimental impact on mental health. Adults with low food security are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and heightened stress.

Military Families and Food Security: A Call to Action

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Service providers have the ability to expand food security in the communities they support. Join the 2023 Academy series to explore food insecurity’s impact on military families, and discover how to apply your knowledge to the communities you serve!

What is in the Academy series?

  • Self-paced course for all disciplines
  • Live learning events with experts
  • Engagement opportunities with colleagues
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