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Childhood Trauma:
Understanding, Supporting, and Preventing

Female child care professional playing with young child and colorful toys.

This self-paced online course was created to explore childhood trauma, disability, and trauma-informed practices in early childhood settings.

The interactive course includes four units that cover the prevalence and impact of trauma, the manifestation of trauma in young children, providing trauma-informed supports, and preventing future trauma.  It is designed to be a high-level overview of the topic and a starting point for professionals working with young children and their families.

Continuing Education Credit

  • This module offers 4.5 CE credits through the Early Intervention Training Program (EITP) at the University of Illinois for providers in Illinois. To learn more about EITP, go to CE credits are available until  6/30/24.
  • Participants will be eligible for credits and a certificate of completion upon finishing the module in its entirety and passing a post-test.
  • Please access the post-test and continuing education certificate within the course. 

To Register and Access the Module

Register and enroll on, the platform used to host OneOp courses, for free! For help with Thinkific, please email us at [email protected] 

  • Interactive components and links to videos are included, so make sure you have a strong internet connection.
  • Units and resources will open in a new window be sure to turn your pop-up blocker off.
  • The content includes audio and video, ensure your computer can play audio and video files, and open PDF files.
  • To ensure progress is saved, please pause and resume learning between units.
  • In order to receive continuing education credit and/or a certificate of completion for general use, all users must take a cumulative post-test at the end of the entire course. This post-test can be found at the end of  Unit 4 labeled “Continuing Education.” You will have five attempts to pass the final post-test at 80% or better.
  • It is expected that students will view all materials, engage with the activities, and complete reflections.
  • For information about this course or assistance with completion please email [email protected]
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Content Author and Developers

Deserai Miller, Ph.D., LCSW, content author

Robyn DiPietro-Wells, EdM, content developer

Jen Chilek and Molly Herndon, instructional designer


Questions related to accessing this module can be sent to