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Ken Falke and Josh Goldberg are no strangers to the struggle and hardships of life, having both been through their own and bearing witness to the experiences of others. Through their work at Boulder Crest, both Falke and Goldberg have made it their life’s mission to help Veterans take their struggle and transform it into profound strength and lifelong growth. While Falke and Goldberg’s work through Boulder Crest is focused on assisting Veterans, the authors noticed a need in the civilian community as well and have written the book Struggle Well: Thriving in the Aftermath of Trauma.

In their book, Falke and Goldberg take a personal approach by providing their own stories of struggle and their journey to achieving Posttraumatic Growth (PTG). Falke and Goldberg provide the readers with “actionable strategies for making peace with past experiences, living in the present, and planning for a great future”.

Some key takeaways from their book include:

  • The importance of the work of Drs. Richard Tedeschi and Lawrence Calhoun, where they have studied tragedy and trauma, and how this ties in to people’s ability to recover and bounce back.
  • That struggle is inevitable and part of the human experience, but it’s how we can use these negative experiences and turn them into a positive.
  • The potential for posttraumatic growth after trauma and the ability to turn struggle into strength.
  • The ability to re-story your narrative; creating a new story and finding new purpose in life.
  • To share your story with others and help guide those that are in similar situations that you have once been in.
  • To continue to share your story and be a positive example of posttraumatic growth.

If you’re interested in learning more about Posttraumatic Growth, OneOp has resources for you through webinars and podcasts!