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In the final webinar of the 2019 webinar series on autism, OneOp discusses the inclusion of young children with autism in a variety of settings.  Recently we sat down with several experts in the field of early childhood special education who each share a passion for inclusion.

This week, hear from Courtney O’Grady, Ed.M. about her experience related to the inclusion of children with disabilities in private preschool settings.  Courtney serves as an assistant to the Family Development Early Intervention team.  She has over ten years of experience teaching preschool. As an adjunct instructor at Parkland Community College, the University of Illinois, and the University of St. Francis, she has taught courses in child development and early childhood special education. Her research interests include equity, challenging behavior, and social-emotional competencies. Courtney is passionate about supporting early educators in creating high-quality early childhood experiences for all children and families.

A printable PDF transcript of this interview is available

Resources Mentioned in the Interview include:

Head Start Center for Inclusion

The Pyramid Model Consortium – Resources for Teachers and Families

Program for Inclusive Education at the University of Notre Dame