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In this interview, OneOp spoke with Ms. Juanda R. Bryant, author of The Mini Adventures of Danny and the Deployer and Operation Care Package.

Ms. Bryant is a certified preschool through 6th grade educator with additional certifications in English as a Second Language (ESL) and Gifted and Talented.  She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and has received the Teacher of the Year and Educator of the Month awards during her career. She is also a decorated military veteran who served 12 years in the United States Army as a Transportation Coordinator with combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. Ms. Bryant has been featured in “Military Kids Life” magazine.

As a Family Readiness Group Liaison while in the military, Ms. Bryant helped prepare soldiers and families for deployment. In this position, she recognized the need to engage and educate children related to the deployment of family members. Ms. Bryant desires to captivate young audiences through her Danny and the Deployer book series and help them cope with deployment and develop an appreciation for service members and their sacrifices.

Listen below as Ms. Bryant answers questions about her books, military experiences, and her vision for children in military families.  A transcript of the interview is available. Links are provided below for several resources  mentioned in the interview.

Resources mentioned in the interview:

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