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By: Jessica Beckendorf

In recent months, days, and even hours, it has become more clear now than ever that we are faced with complex issues requiring more understanding, learning, and connection with others, and  immediate action. 

We have been asking ourselves “what can we do next?” One of the first things we thought of was sharing some work we did with our  OneOp colleagues that may contribute to greater understanding, learning, connection, and action.

A windy, uphill, rocky path

The path is rocky, uphill, and contains wicked curves, but how beautiful and rewarding!

If you are wondering lately what you can do to learn more about diversity, inclusion, or becoming more “culturally informed,” check out this round-up of resources designed to inspire connection with yourself and others in an exploratory, inclusive way.

Advocacy Action Plan

We originally created the Advocacy Action Plan to help participants of the 2018 Virtual Conference move from understanding to action as they grow in their cultural competence. We wanted to help ourselves and others by providing a framework for action that would ignite curiosity, open people up to vulnerability, and humbly practice and learn.

Of the many resources we relied on, one was especially important. “Strategies for Cultural Competency in Indian Health Care” by Mim Dixon and Pamela E. Iron is a collection of case studies of cultural competence programs in healthcare organizations serving Indians and Alaska Natives.

The stories of these programs were a rich source for the example competencies we included in the Advocacy Action Plan. They were also the inspiration for the 5 spheres of cultural competence included in the plan: seeking out stories, practicing humility, listening,asking questions and engaging others. 

We’d like to invite you to check out the Advocacy Action Plan as a way to move from understanding to action and begin your cultural competence journey. Like any journey, this one will likely be filled with stops and starts, frustrations and revelations, pain and progress. Please take it at your own pace, forgive your mistakes, and keep moving forward,

Moving Toward Inclusive Practice with Dr. Anne Phibbs (limited podcast series)

In these 5 lively and free-flowing conversations, Dr. Phibbs shares tips, ideas, and resources to help you seek out diverse stories, practice humility, listen, ask questions, and engage with others (the 5 spheres of cultural competence used to frame the Advocacy Action Plan above).

2018 OneOp Virtual Conference Sessions

The theme for the 2018 OneOp Virtual Conference was “Cultural Competency: Awareness, Action, Advocacy,” and all of the conference sessions are available for anyone to view. The topics include:

    • Fundamentals of Diversity and Inclusion (Dr. Anne Phibbs)
    • Cultural Competency and Authentic Dialogue (Dr. Anne Phibbs)
    • Dis/ability, Race, and Equity (Dr. Maggie Beneke)
    • Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression within Families (Dr. Jenifer McGuire)
    • Health Disparities at the Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, and Disabilities (Ms. Barbara Kornblau, J.D.)
    • Capnote: Reflecting, Learning and Advocating (Dr. Anne Phibbs and Andrew Crocker)