Building Relationships with Children’s Families Can Make a Big Difference

by Jessica Hardy, Ph.D. and Alana Schnitz, Ph.D.

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Do you want to build stronger relationships with families?  Do you struggle to have conversations with families around sensitive or difficult topics?  Do you need ideas for how to meaningfully involve families in early childhood? If so, plan to join the OneOp Family Development Early intervention webinar on September 29 as we discuss the answers to those questions and more.

Building positive relationships with children’s families that affirms their culture and identity is an important part of an early childhood practitioner’s job. Given the current pandemic and stressors in our lives, it is even more important to make positive connections with families and assist them as they support their children. These positive relationships are especially important for families of children with disabilities or challenging behavior to ensure success in home, school, or childcare environments.

In this webinar, we address the impact of culture and implicit bias on our relationships with families.  We will also provide practical ways early childhood practitioners can connect with and include families of young children with disabilities, including strategies to support positive behavior at school, childcare, and home.

Ensuring you have a positive connection with families will help when you need to have difficult conversations. We will provide conversation starters and tips for navigating difficult conversations with families regarding challenging behavior.  Finally, resources and tools you can use right away, like the one below, will be provided to help support your work.

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Presenter created; Used with permission

To learn more about this webinar and to RSVP, view the webinar event page.

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