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By Laura Royer.

With the holidays approaching, military families may be looking for easy and cost-affordable gift ideas to give to family members. One cost-effective idea is to gift holiday baskets that, if strategically approached, can help your client save money on gift-giving this season.

The following are 13 ideas that may work very well for creating a customized holiday basket.

  1. Movie Night
    Buy a bag of movie theater popcorn, with some assortment of candy, a DVD, or a gift card for a movie rental, and arrange the items in a popcorn serving bowl.  Don’t forget toppings for the popcorn.
  2. Baking Time
    Get an assortment of kitchen utensils, towels, oven mitts, and brownie or cookie mixes, and arrange them in a mixing bowl.
  3. Go Team Go!
    Collect an assortment of sports team paraphernalia on sale and arrange it nicely in a basket or gift bag.
  4. Hot Cocoa Night
    Combine cocoa mix, a bag of marshmallows, and two or more coffee mugs.
  5. I Work Out
    Put together an assortment of workout DVDs, weighted gloves, stretch bands, a mat, a water bottle, and sports drinks, in a gift bag or basket.
  6. Have a Picnic
    Grab a bottle of wine or another favorite beverage of choice, crackers, sausage, various kinds of cheese, a cheese knife, a wine opener, and wine glasses.
  7. Pet Lovers
    Put together a collection of treats, toys, a leash, food, and other pet-related items.
  8. Hobby Time
    Choose their favorite hobby and fill the basket with items that match that hobby. For example, scrapbooking would have a book, paper, stamps, pens, etc. Make it personal.
  9. Coffee Night
    Gather various brands or an assortment of coffee, a couple of mugs, and creamer, and add some treats to go with the coffee.
  10. Light it Up
    Put together a collection of candles with their favorite scent (including melts or plugins), decorative candle holders, lighter, and candle snuff.
  11. Green Thumb
    Gather an assortment of garden tools, seeds, and gloves and arrange them in a nice pot.
  12. Relaxation
    Include a collection of spa-related items like a pedicure or manicure set, essential oils, bubble bath, a loofah, pumice stones, and foot cream to create a nice pampering basket.
  13. Family Dinner Night
    Choose a dinner food theme like Italian cuisine and put all the ingredients, utensils, and potholders, and arrange in a dish that can be used for cooking the chosen meal.

Enjoy getting creative while stretching those dollars!

Photo by Masood Aslami