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by Jennifer J. Chilek, Family & Community Health Program Specialist

Did you know that the Military Family Readiness Academy webinar series has been transformed into a series of self-paced courses? It’s true.

image for blogThe Military Family Readiness Academy series events that were offered as live webinars have all been redesigned as self-paced courses that are free for you and for your colleagues! And all of the courses offer Continuing Education credit.

Each course is presented in a mobile friendly format as well. image for blog

That means that you can go through the courses on your phone or tablet – from a child’s extracurricular event, on a break from work, at a coffee shop, on a treadmill, or on your couch at home.

You can start the course and then pick up where you left off as well. The courses contain content from the live presentations, as well as reflective and interactive activities that make the experience unique to the course.

We hope you’ll take advantage of these courses.

image for blogCourses from our inaugural 2020 series Disaster and Hazard Readiness Foundations are open for enrollment now and the courses from the 2021 Military Family Readiness Academy series Disaster and Hazard Readiness in Action will be open for enrollment very soon.

To enroll in these FREE courses visit the links at

If you need help you can get assistance with enrollment or signups online or email us at [email protected]

Jen Chilek works with OneOp concentration area teams to utilize technology to its fullest educational potential, utilizing learner-centered and user interface design principles to best reach and impact our audience. Jen has over 25 years experience in web design, distance education, marketing communications, and IT training and consulting.