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Did you know that good things come in threes? Well, they do! Did you also know that YOU are one of the three things that support interactions between a caregiver and a child? In fact, you are a very important part of the good things that come in threes.  One factor shown to differentiate more successful child outcomes from less successful ones is the extent to which our focus is aimed at supporting and enhancing the roles of caregivers as

competent and confident caregivers of children.

While we all strive to interact in ways that promote feelings of competence and confidence in caregivers and children. In reality that it is often easier to talk about than to actually do!

In our webinar series “Good Things Come in Threes” the first webinar “Strategies for Supporting Caregiver-Child Interactions that Enhance Development“ discusses what we call triadic strategies. The triadic strategies help us to be more intentional about supporting and expanding on caregiver-child interactions that are both pleasurable as well as developmentally and individually appropriate for the child. Within the triadic strategies, we expand on caregivers’ awareness of children’s abilities and their own strengths in supporting the child’s development.

This webinar is for you whether triadic strategies are a part of your everyday work or if they are completely new!  This webinar provides the opportunity to reflect on our own practices and how we can be more intentional about supporting the competence and confidence of caregivers and children.