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By: Sara Croymans, MEd,  Extension Educator,  University of Minnesota Extension and PI for OneOp Family Transitions.

Military Children

According to the 2019 Demographics Profile there were 1,644,456 total military children in 2019. More military children are younger, as shown in the pie chart below.

pie chart showing ages of military children in 2019

Celebrating Military Children

Have you taken steps to celebrate April, Month of the Military Child (MOMC)? This special month, sponsored by the Department of Defense Military Community and Family Policy, is a time to recognize military families and their children for the daily sacrifices they make and the challenges they overcome.

Month of the Military Child

To celebrate Month of the Military child check out events and resources from the Office of Military Community and Family Policy and their partners.

Encourage your community to celebrate Purple Up Day to show appreciation for our amazing military kids. Check with your installation or state reserve or guard family program to see which day they are celebrating. Share your photos and stories on social media using #PurpleUp21. 

Participate in one or more of the Military OneSource virtual events on Facebook Live throughout April.. A variety of presenters and topics are offered. Trevor Romain, children’s book author, illustrator and speaker, will present a four-part series on Tuesdays on kindness, resilience, embracing change and staying connected. On Fridays, Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, Professor of Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, will discuss resilience in the face of crisis, parenting in an age of uncertainty, and the power of connection.

Encourage the military families you work with to order a MilKids Appreciation  image of Military child appreciation items and the words "get your military child appreciation kit today" Kit for their children, which includes lots of fun things, including a photo frame, reusable face mask, child’s passport, and more. 

Share your support for military kids by including the You’re Everything campaign emblem in your communications and on promotional materials and use the Department of Defense-wide hashtag #MOMC2021 and #PurpleUp21.

Military OneSource invites military families and kids to share about themselves by sharing pictures of their family or community wearing purple to celebrate Purple Up! Day; provide a quote about what it’s like to be a military kid; write a blog post about a memorable military life experience, or share artwork (paintings, drawings, poems, videos or musical recordings) about your experience being part of the military community.  All items can be emailed to [email protected]

You can find more information about these MOMC events and resources in the 2021 Month of the Military Child Toolkit found on the Military OneSource website. The Toolkit includes a fantastic Social Media Toolkit with social media messages and images. 

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Sara Croymans, MEd, AFC, University of Minnesota Extension Educator, member of the OneOp Family Transitions team, military spouse, and mother.