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By: Jessica Beckendorf

This week I found myself reviewing the many and varied resources covered during the 2020-2021 Military Family Readiness Academy. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out because it is a treasure trove of disaster readiness learning – 16.5 hours of learning PLUS continuing education credit!

I wasn’t originally planning to promote the MFRA in this article, but it really is that good. What I wanted to share was a resource we created from some of the “Connecting Communities” workshops.

graphic of meeting notes from Feb 23 Asset Based Community Recovery workshop

Graphic recording of the February 21, 2021 workshop discussion

During these workshops, we explored the things we discovered, learned, and want to keep beyond the pandemic. We shared our stories and experiences and built community.

After the workshops, we completed an analysis, shared our findings and the stories we heard in a printable resource. We also included some tips for putting the themes into action.

You can find that resource here: Connecting Communities in Asset-based Disaster Recovery

And you can find out more about the collaboration behind the workshops in this podcast episode, called Warm Collaboration.