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By Laura Royer

In Part 1 of this series, we covered how military spouses can earn income through work-from-home or virtual positions. In this segment, we will discuss how they can earn income through owning a business of their own.

Owning A Business

Owning a business is a great option for military spouses as it is the best way to ensure family needs can still be met while the career is growing. Military spouses can seek assistance from the Small Business Administration’s Office of Veterans Business Development. This agency offers to support business planning, advice, and research before opening a business. Establishing a business plan is essential for all businesses, but it is especially important when considering the challenges that come along with being a part of the military.

Oftentimes military spouses gain interest in owning a business by participating in direct sales or multi-level marketing businesses. Although this is a common way to ease into business ownership, military spouses should be cautious of the “too good to be true” claims that often come along with the recruitment tendencies of direct sales leaders. A small percentage of direct sales leaders do become highly successful, but the industry has a reputation for pushing families further into debt.

Other business options include becoming an online virtual assistant or bidding on freelance jobs. Tasks in these positions often include completing administrative duties or assisting with social media and online strategies. Military spouses with a background in administration or even marketing may be a good fit for these positions. Freelancers and virtual assistants usually work on contract and seek clients through which to grow their own businesses. 

Military spouses can also explore options such as being independent travel agents or selling handmade items in an eCommerce store, Facebook marketplace, or Etsy. Developing a skill like photography or baking can lead to a successful part-time business as long as there is a willingness to work on building a new clientele in case of relocation. The opportunities for commercializing skills are endless and can be successful with the right business plan and proper execution.

Regardless of the options chosen to make money from home, anyone exploring a work-from-home opportunity should do so with thorough research. Scams do exist, and caution is necessary so that they are not taken advantage of and cheated out of money. Do not invest in a so-called opportunity if there are any concerns or hesitation. Check out the Federal Trade Commission for more information about red flags concerning work-from-home gigs.

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Pexels