Family Transitions

A Close Look at Relationships: Supporting Military Couples

About This Series:

Military couples and families experience unique challenges with frequent relocation, deployment, and reintegration. Strong military couple relationships require an investment of time and effort and are vital in maintaining mission and family readiness. This webinar series shares research on the impact of military life on families, as well as tools and resources for service professionals to assist military couples and families in strengthening relationships.

Within This Series:

NOVEMBER 10, 2021
Destigmatizing Help-Seeking for Military Couples

Learn about the Office of Military Community and Family Policy’s “Re the We” campaign, designed to help break down barriers, destigmatize help-seeking, and inspire more people to get relationship support. Discover tools and resources to help rekindle, repair, and reset relationships!

DECEMBER 8, 2021
The Relationship Checkup: Support for Military Couples

Provide your clients with the best available ongoing relationship support helping couples heal, strengthen, and maintain their relationship health.

FEBRUARY 1, 2022
Millennium Cohort Family Study: The Impact of Military Life

Explore the findings of the Millennium Cohort Family Study which provides an understanding of the military experience and its impact on the health and well-being of service members and their families. 

APRIL 12, 2022
Military Children’s Family Relationships

This presentation focuses on evidence about the role of military service in shaping children’s family relationships, how those relationships connect to their well-being and adjustment, and how you can use this evidence to support military families. 

MAY 12, 2022
The Relationship Changes of Military Couples During Reintegration

This presentation will explore the findings of a longitudinal study with military couples during the reintegration period, and based on these findings, recommendations for prevention and intervention services designed to help military couples negotiate relationship changes across the post-deployment transition will be discussed.

The OneOp Family Transitions Concentration Area provides education and resources for professionals working with military families to build resilience and navigate life cycle transitions. Additional professional development opportunities and resources are available from our OneOp Family Transitions page at