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Collaborative Connections: Working Together for Military-Student Success

About This Series

Approximately 80-90% of school-aged children in military families attend school in their local school district. [1] [2] [3] Students and their families face unique circumstances related to military service and individual educational needs. A variety of education and family support professionals exist on the military installation and within local schools and communities to provide tailored support for a student or family’s specific needs. To do that successfully, these professionals must communicate, collaborate, and engage with one another, students, and families.

This webinar series focuses on the skills needed by professionals working with military-connected students ages 5-22 and their families to successfully collaborate with one another, engage with families, and leverage military and civilian community resources to support each family and their individual needs. The webinars are open to all but are specifically designed to address the needs of school liaisons, Exceptional Family Member Program Family Support Providers (EFMP FSP), special education teachers, general education teachers, auxiliary education staff, and student support services professionals.

Identifying Key Collaborators for School Services for Military-Connected Students

Discover the differing levels of engagement key collaborators take in students’ day-to-day experience and overall educational careers.

Improving Military Student Outcomes Through Effective Professional Collaboration

This session assists key collaborators (e.g., school liaisons, EFMP FSP, teachers) in learning how to create trusting professional partnerships so that students and families have successful school experiences.

Conflict Happens: Anticipating and Overcoming Challenges

In this session, we discuss how to anticipate conflict, manage, and repair relationships when conflict occurs.

Collaborating During Changes and Transitions for Military Students

This session provides strategies to assist with varying transitions and how collaboration is critical throughout the transition for decreased service disruption.

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