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Disaster and Hazard Readiness in Action

About This Series

These webinars focus on implementing the unique skills and resources military family service providers need as they manage disasters and hazards within their professional fields.


Financial Preparedness is Disaster Preparedness

In this webinar, we discuss specific actions that individuals and families can take to become financially prepared for any emergency or disaster situation. In addition, tools, strategies, and resources are shared that can be used with service members and families.

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Food and Nutrition Before, During and After Disasters

In this webinar, the Defense Commissary Agency shares what they do to keep our food safe and what you should be shopping for before disasters hit. Extension faculty from the University of Florida share first-hand accounts of helping communities and individuals procure and prepare safe, healthy foods during and after a disaster.

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Preparing for Disasters during a Pandemic

Military families already face unique challenges as they experience hazards and disasters—this webinar helps prepare service providers and Extension educators to offer the supports required when multiple hazards and disasters are experienced simultaneously.

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Supporting Parents and Children Through Hazards and Disasters

This webinar explores tips and strategies for clinicians, Extension educators, and support-service providers working with parents as they navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic considering socio-emotional development and resilience.

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Going Beyond the Checklist in Emergency Preparedness – Taking Action

In this webinar, participants gain the knowledge and understanding, especially regarding disability, to encourage families to take action now, before disaster strikes.

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Families in Disaster Recovery: Coordinating Support at the Installation Level

The webinar provides information regarding 1) relevant Red Cross programs, structures, and resources, 2) relationship management and community resilience between military installations and surrounding communities, 3) the Red Cross’ role as a trusted communication link among military families in times of crisis, 4) Red Cross programming focusing on hazard mitigation and disaster preparation, and 5) recovery resources for military families, many of whom live off-base.

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Surviving the 2020 Pandemic: Lessons Learned on How to Best Support our EI/ECSE Communities

In this panel discussion three Early Intervention (EI) and Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) experts, with significant experience working with children and families and as professional development leaders, discuss what the COVID-19 pandemic has taught them as EI/ECSE leaders and how those lessons can inform preparations for future disasters or hazards.

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Connecting with Communities in Asset-Based Disaster Recovery

In this webinar, you will learn to recognize the interdependencies and assets that can contribute to Asset-based Community Recovery, determine which elements of Asset-based Community Recovery could be applied in your work and/or community, and plan the next steps you can take to forge connections and collaborations that build your community’s capacity to meet the needs of military families when faced with a disaster.

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