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by Loretta Hayslip, Ph.D.

Many education professionals have expressed a desire to learn more about supporting young dual language learners. Our team identified a wonderful free resource for providers from The IRIS Center. This module provides information about dual language learners and the importance of maintaining the home language while learning a second language.

In this module, participants join Ms. Raymond as she navigates the challenges of supporting dual language learners in an inclusive early childhood classroom. Ms. Raymond explores what teachers need to know about dual language learners with disabilities, unique issues related to working with their families, and strategies that can be used to support them.

Module users also explore topics such as the importance of home language maintenance, environment and instructional grouping, and incorporating familiar and non-stereotypical materials into early childhood settings.

After spending just one hour online, users can expect to meet the following objectives:

  • Describe young children who are dual language learners
  • Describe the importance of maintaining children’s home language at the same time they are learning English
  • Understand the importance of collaborating with families of young children who are dual language learners
  • List considerations for screening and evaluating young dual language learners with disabilities
  • Identify strategies for supporting young dual language learners with disabilities

As professionals, it is important to recognize the need for continued growth and improvement of one’s knowledge base. This interactive, user-friendly module can help providers do exactly that. To access the module, use this link.

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