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By Laura Royer

Holiday sales are in full effect and Cyber Monday is one that many military families look forward to shopping. While there may be some great deals, as Personal Finance Managers (PFMs), it’s important to educate your clients on how to properly manage their holiday budget so they do not overspend. Preparing your client for wise money management during the holidays will help him or her avoid a holiday or financial hangover. Here are ten tips to help your clients prepare for the upcoming Cyber Monday sale day.

  1. Review Cyber Deal Ads Now. The ads are already circulating so check them out. To find the cyber deals, search online either for sites that list them all or by individual businesses.
  2. Prepare Incognito. While preparing for scoring great deals, it is recommended shoppers use the “private” feature in a browser, so no cookies are tracking online shopping research. Retailers are notorious for watching what consumers do online and will even increase the price up higher based on search history.
  3. Follow favorite retailers on social media. Many retailers use their social media channels to offer exclusive online deals, especially on Cyber Monday. So, keep an eye out on social media for exclusive deals.
  4. Install web browser extensions. Web browser extensions bring coupons, discounts, or best deals to your client without you having to search things out. Browser extensions are plug-ins that extend the functionality of a browser. Available extensions can be found at the browser’s online store.
  5. Price shop. When shopping, use the rule of 3 to compare prices with at least 3 retailers before making the final selection. 
  6. Check out Reviews. Be sure you check other consumers’ reviews on the product (especially higher-priced items). These reviews will help you narrow down which model, version, or how much an item is truly worth.
  7. Get Paid to Shop. Be sure to check out websites that offer rebates for shopping through them rather than directly with the retailer. These sites offer cash back on purchases and spend money on a gift card for future purchases.
  8. Go Mobile. Download shopping apps that help compare prices or find the best deals.
  9. Create a Store Account in Advance. Set up an online account with a retailer that sells big-ticket items As deals go fast, it will help the checkout process go smoother and faster. 
  10. Fill Up the Cart Now. While not all carts will save, some will. Add items to the cart or create a wish list to make it easy to shop. Deals should renew on the day and will accelerate the checkout.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels