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by Jessica Hardy, PhD and Molly Milam, PhD

Do you ever wonder how to help young children build and maintain friendships with peers?  Do you have children who struggle to have conversations, use kind words, play together, or solve social problems?  If so, this webinar is for you!

On December 1, during our upcoming webinar, “Make New Friends: Promoting Friendship and Belonging,” we will discuss why friendship skills are important, how they develop, and strategies for supporting young children in developing these skills.  An intervention called “Stay-Play-Talk,” which involves teaching peers to use strategies with children who are socially isolated, will be discussed.  Stay-Play-Talk has been shown to improve children’s social skills through peer-mediation. Video examples, downloadable resources, and visuals to support friendship skills will be shared for use in your own work.

Image from StayPlayTalk

Check out the webinar “Make New Friends: Promoting Friendship and Belonging” to learn more.

Image Used with Permission, M. Milam