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By Sara Croymans.

A common theme among academic research on disaster and hazard preparation and recovery is the importance of helping individuals, communities and organizations shift the paradigm toward preparing, rather than repairing. However, the research also shows us that many people are not financially prepared to handle unexpected expenses.

As an Extension Educator, this challenge influences the work I am doing to prepare to co-facilitate the February 10 webinar, Financial Preparedness is Disaster Preparedness.

Tipped over jar of cash with the words "Emergency Fund" written on it.

FEMA shares that “Preparedness within the field of emergency management can best be defined as a state of readiness to respond to a disaster, crisis or any other type of emergency situation.” About half of all adults have set aside no more than $700 for an emergency. Twenty-three percent of households do not have a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy and only 22% of households have a flood insurance policy (FEMA).

As Military Family Service Professionals, we have countless opportunities to help military families shift to a preparedness mindset. One way to increase your client’s preparedness mindset is to review the 2021 Preparedness Calendar ( to identify key times throughout the year to provide preparedness messaging and education with military families. Many more strategies and tools you can use to encourage preparedness among your clients will be discussed in the February 10 webinar. RSVP to attend live or catch the archived event! Learn more about this event at: