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By: Jason Jowers

Memorial Day is an important holiday every year. It is when we honor the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military throughout history. However, it is also an important day to honor the present. That is, our men and women military service members as well as the families that support them. We cannot forget about the spouses and children in military families and to honor the sacrifices military families make.

Memorial Day is always commemorated in the U.S. on the last Monday in May. It has its roots in the years following the American Civil War but did not become a national holiday until 1967. For more on the history of Memorial Day, read this Farmer’s Almanac article on facts and traditions.

For this year’s Memorial Day, the OneOp team would like to share some resources, as well as some of our past but recent programming, that can help military families and professionals working with military families. This programming is on various topics that we should be aware of on this important holiday and in remembering those who sacrificed for this country.

First up, we wanted to share our 2020-2021 Military Family Readiness Academy on disaster and hazard readiness. This inaugural series focuses on the unique needs of military families in the context of disaster and hazard readiness and the added stressors/challenges they might face. Get more info on this fantastic suite of courses here!

Our “Nurturing Family Resilience” webinar as part of the 3-part Resilience Series, is a great resource that helps military families facilitate coping and positive growth in rebounding from crisis, trauma, and loss. As well as in navigating disruptive family transitions and in weathering persistent multi-stress conditions.

Using Evidence-Based Programs to Best Support Military Families: An Intro to the Continuum of Evidence” is a webinar from last year that is a great resource for professionals working with military families. The Continuum of Evidence (Continuum) was created by the Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness and is a repository of programs and resources to help support military families.

For more resources to support military families and professionals, be sure to keep an eye out on our OneOp webpage.

This post was written by the OneOp Team. OneOp aims to support the development of professionals working with military families.  Learn more about us at, and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.  Subscribe to our Anchored. podcast series on iTunes and via our podcast page.


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Blog Image: Public Domain Pictures [Memorial Day by Karen Arnold, CC0]