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Written by: Rachel Brauner, OneOp Military Caregiving

Caregiving is difficult enough, but the uncertainty of the Coronavirus added another hurdle to overcome for many individuals. Watch and listen as one caregiver shares her experience providing care during the pandemic and the impact it had on her everyday life.

Mary Brintnall-Peterson, Ph.D. is a retired Professor Emeritus and University of Wisconsin Extension educator. She is also a family caregiver and owner of MBP Consulting, LLC.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to work with Dr. Brintnall-Peterson over the years in Cooperative Extension and now in her new role as family caregiver and consultant. We sat down to discuss her experiences as a caregiver to her son battling colon cancer and lessons, she learned during the pandemic that may be helpful for others in similar caregiving journeys. You can also checkout a previous article written by Dr. Brintnall-Peterson on Caregiving, Cancer, and the Coronavirus.