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By Sara, Croymans, MEd, AFC

With busy work and family schedules, it can be difficult to find time to participate in professional development opportunities. Our OneOp (MFLN) Family Transitions (FT) team provides relevant research and resources related to military family transition issues in a variety of formats to make it easier for you to fit this into your busy life. Check these out:

Blog Posts

Our Family Transition blog posts address military family transition-related issues, sharing the latest research and resources you can use in your work. You might find the series on military family readiness during and after COVID-19 of interest as we all continue to navigate the pandemic. In addition, FT features writers who are addressing important current topics, such as Understanding and Confronting Social Injustice and How to Get Your “Daily” Nature Dose.


For those who are looking for professional development that fits their mobile life style our FT podcasts might be for you. Select a podcast or two to listen to on your next commute, walk, or road trip. I’ve been known to listen to podcasts while weeding my garden! Our podcasts cover a wide variety of topics including dual military couples, American Indian Veterans in Transition, and women veterans transitioning to civilian life. Check out the full list of podcasts available.


If you are a visual learner and like to quickly take in content, then our FT graphics are for you. Our infographics summarize research and identify take-aways or strategies service providers can apply to their work. Learn about women in the military by checking out Mental Health Needs of Women Veterans and Women in the Military: The Military to Civilian Life Transition or expand your understanding of resilience by reviewing the Highly Mobile, but Very Resilient [Military Youth] and FACTS of Resilience infographics.


To take a deeper dive into military family transition topics participate in our webinars. Watch for information on our upcoming webinar series on relationships. Check out the recent webinars on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Youth Programs – Developing inclusive program structures and Fostering supportive adult-youth relationships. Learn about resources available from Sesame Street by watching Sesame Street and You: Caring for Each Other During COVID-19 and Other Emergencies. Continuing Education (CE) Credits are available for most live and archived webinars.

Provide Feedback & Collaborate with Us

Please share with us how you like to learn and what your ideal professional development experience looks like. Email our FT team at [email protected] or email me directly at [email protected]. We also invite you to suggest transition-related topics for future professional development. Lastly, we welcome opportunities to collaborate – let us know if you would be interested in writing a blog post, being interviewed for a podcast, or contributing in other ways.


Sara Croymans, MEd, AFC, University of Minnesota Extension Educator, member of the OneOp Family Transitions team, military spouse, and mother.