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Public Health Approaches to Suicide Prevention: Working with Military Service Members

Active-duty suicide rates have gradually been on the rise since 2011 (DoD, 2023). Through this webinar, learn how to implement evidence-based public health approaches to suicide prevention. Specific focuses include how service providers can screen for suicide risk and align service delivery for military-connected adults. Join this webinar to review...


Mind and Money: Connecting Mental Health and Financial Well-Being

This webinar establishes the connection between financial and mental health, addressing its relevance for individuals, couples, and families. We explore how emotional well-being influences financial choices, as well as the reciprocal impact of financial decisions on emotional state. Stress, anxiety, and guilt can all impact money management and family financial...


Dietary Supplements and Operation Supplement Safety

Many service members use dietary supplements—for promoting health, improving performance, bodybuilding, losing weight, and more. Unfortunately, some supplements have resulted in adverse events that compromise rather than improve performance, and in some cases supplements result in positive drug tests. This presentation will discuss how dietary supplements are regulated, highlight some...


Tiny Hearts, Big Emotions: Cultivating Emotional Learning and Development with Responsive Practices

Developing emotional competence begins at birth. Infants have the capacity to feel comfort or distress and those feelings become more refined and complicated as they grow. Emotional development encompasses regulation, attachment, temperament, identity formation, and emotional expression within the context of one’s culture. In partnership with families, caregivers can nurture...


Watch for Opportunities to Think Big (S.5, Ep.14)

Jessica and Bob talk about watching for opportunities to think big - one of the eight ways of cultivating community resilience identified in the “Connecting Communities in Asset-based Community Recovery” project.

Public Health Approaches to Suicide Prevention: Working with Military Spouses and Families

Discover how service providers can best support military spouses and family members through a trauma-informed lens of suicide prevention. Explore the impacts of deployment, periods of parental absence from the family system, trauma exposure, and spillover effects for military-connected marriages and parent-child relationships. Dr. Keita Franklin, Co-Director of the Columbia...


Improving Health and Wellness by Getting Outside

Biophilia is a hypothesis that humans have an innate desire and need to connect with nature. Decades of research confirm that people experience myriad health and wellness benefits when they spend time interacting with nature—from increased physical activity to improved emotional wellbeing. But the amount of time we Americans spend...


Harmony of Expression: Exploring Social and Emotional Development in Middle Childhood Through Expressive Art Approaches

This webinar weaves together foundations of social emotional development during middle childhood (6-12 years old) and the role of expressive art in nurturing their overall development, particularly within the context of transitions, grief, and loss. Presenters will focus on the principles, foundations, and evidence-base of expressive art approaches, including techniques...


Federal Student Aid: Repayment 101

This webinar covers the basics of repaying federal student loans. Topics include types of repayment plans, forgiveness and cancellation programs, benefits of consolidating, getting loans out of default, and types of deferments and forbearances. Also included is a discussion on certain one-time protections like the on-ramp for student loan payments...