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Food Security in Focus

About This Series

Take advantage of OneOp’s Food Security in Focus collection offering on-demand webinars related to food security.

Among our nation’s active-duty service members and their families, an estimated 24 percent are food insecure. Food insecurity adversely impacts racial/ethnic minority populations, lower-income populations, and rural and remote populations. Additionally, a rise in economic insecurity throughout the Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to increased food insecurity in vulnerable populations. Join OneOp as we focus on expanding food security for the military family and mobilizing family service professionals to work together at federal, state, and local levels.

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Understanding the Social and Structural Drivers of Food and Nutrition Insecurity

This discussion highlights the social and structural determinants of food and nutrition insecurity and examines strategies and approaches for improving food access and equity in military families.

Waste Not, Want Not: Reducing Food Waste in Your Communities

Discover the types of food most often wasted and how making some simple changes in how we shop, cook, and store food can help stretch your food resources and budget.

Increasing Children's Fruit and Vegetable Exposure: Tools for Practitioners Serving Families Experiencing Limited Income

The discussion provides steps providers can implement to improve health and developmental outcomes for children in low-income families.

Helping Clients Inflation-Proof Their Budget

Learn strategies for managing household spending during challenging financial times, and discover creative ways to maintain food security within a family’s budget.

Medicaid, Food Security, & the Social Determinants of Health & Well-being

Military family readiness promotes service member and family health and well-being in a variety of ways. In this webinar, explore the connection between Medicaid, food security, and the well-being of your clients.

Supporting Nutrition Security for Military Families through a Multilayered Approach

Learn about the Spectrum of Prevention as a public health framework to understand systemic drivers of hunger, poor nutrition, and chronic disease and explore the nuanced ways these challenges show up in military families.

SNAP and SNAP-Ed: Supporting Food and Nutrition Security in Your Community

Learn how you can collaborate with your state and local SNAP-Ed programs to provide the best care possible to your clients and connect them to resources that can help.

Enhancing Food Security for Military Families with Cooperative Extension

Discover programs and resources on food, food security, and community nutrition available through CES and invites service providers to explore collaborative opportunities in these areas.

Respectful, Evidence-Based Care for Children with Elevated BMI

Gain guidance for addressing social determinants of health including food insecurity as well as nutrition counseling concepts and practical guidance for care.

Military Teen Experiences and Food Security

This webinar highlights emergent data around military teens’ experiences and the impacts of food security on their lives. Presenters also discuss BLOOM: Empowering the Military Teen, a resource created by military teens for military teens.

Diabetes Management for Patients Experiencing Food Insecurity

This presentation provides practical ways to apply the American Diabetes Association 2023 Standards of Care in Diabetes and reviews strategies to reduce food insecurity for patients with diabetes.

Supporting Military Teens: Community Healthy Living and Food Security Programs

Through this webinar learn about the goals and management of the AmeriCorps VISTA project, and receive examples of how to implement similar lessons in work with supporting families experiencing food insecurity.