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Kids serve Too Go Beyond the Webinar

It is coming up on the one-year anniversary of our kickoff to the Kids Serve Too! Webinar series featuring Sesame Street for Military Families! Since December 2018, OneOp has hosted five webinars in this series and it has provided a ton of info and resources to help in working with children in military families. In this blog post, I just wanted to share a brief recap of each session over the past year and provide some of the great resources that Sesame Street for Military Families has to offer.

  • Our first webinar, “Sesame Street Overview on Military Resources,” took place in December of 2018 and really laid the groundwork for the series as a whole. Representatives for the Sesame Street Workshop showcased the Sesame Street for Military Families website and highlighted resources, training, and family activities that promote self-expression.
  • The 2nd webinar, “Safe and Sound: Caring in Our Community,” explored the connection between trauma and community violence. This webinar focused on ways to help kids with self-care strategies following disturbing or traumatic events.
  • The 3rd webinar, “Home is Where Your Heart is,” was all about helping kids, especially military kids, when it comes to relocation transitions. This includes fear of moving to starting at a brand new school.
  • The 4th webinar, “At Our Best: Caregiving Today,” focused on self-care techniques for providers and caregivers, as well as the tools to construct self-care plans for children in military households.
  • Finally, the 5th webinar in this series, Engaged & Extraordinary: Supporting Young Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities,” provided great insight on the support and understanding that professionals can bring when it comes to strengthening the skills of children with autism and other developmental disabilities, as well as increasing family strengthening. SS4MF has a ton of resources on supporting kid with autism, with even a character named Julia, a little girl who is on the autistic spectrum.

For more on our Kids Serve Too Series, the main series page here has links to each of the webinars and the archived recordings as well as an opportunity to sign up for the Kids Serve Too mailing list with info and updates with potential future programming. Various types of Continuing Education credits are still available for each webinar and detailed info is available on the individual event page for each webinar.

Thanks to everyone who has made this series possible and here’s hoping for more success in future webinars!